"Queen Anne’s Lace" Performance by Sandeep Bhuller, commences at 6pm, sunday 6th december followed by an open reception. Gallery MC, 549 west 52nd street (between 10th and 11th ave) 8th Floor New York, NY 10019

Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus Carota) seeds impair the female subject’s progesterone synthesis in the uterus when eaten, making it difficult for an egg to implant successfully. A teaspoon of the seeds can be eaten whole and chewed thoroughly or crushed prior to ingestion immediately after sex or taken habitually during ovulation.

Sandeep Bhuller’s performance is a manifestation of the historical repression of birth control– a private ritual, an act of self-assertion, aggrandized and made public. For the duration of the performance Sandeep will manufacture pills of crushed Queen Anne’s Lace seeds. Sandeep trusts nature, once removed, to quell her own nature, behind a character who represents the historical female, taking steps through labor and production to assert her gender autonomy. Sandeep employs aestheticized labor and production to represent the transformation of the body from reproductive organism to chemically controlled vessel.

these are the titles of the unread/untorn pages of the book 'men and memories' published in 1932. it had never been checked out of the library.

yorkshire monuments 14.
the moors 15.
white chapel 31.
stopford brooke's house 31.
gastronomic adventure 46.
visitors from england 47.
search for beauty 74.
wild oats 75.
first commissions 90.
a letter from condor 91.
a story of queen victoria 94.
mrs. jack gardiner 95.
books and authors 122.
more meetings 123.
days at christ church 138.
conversation with peter 139.
a sitters scrupels 142.
burden-sandersons rabbit 143.
and advise from condor 154.
bussell and peter 155.
steer two conversations 170.
steer and maccoll 171.
aquaintance with sargent 190.
two generations 191.
the sidney wabbs 202.
friday's hill 203.
new london friends 206.
watts explains a picture 207.
brandy before breakfast 218.
moorish prisons 219.
english adventures 222.
gaiety at cordova 223.
algernon charles swinborne 234.
indiscretion in print 235.
the professors tastes 254.
a legros for the tate 255.
whistler in london 266.
'the followers' 267.
knowing about art 286.
max and george street 287.
forgiveness from craig 302.
thomas hardy and bishop 303.
wilde's last work 314.
the ballad of reading gaol 315.
liber junorium 330.
collectors and artists 331.
success of a picture 366.
furnival's memories 367.

Forged knots: '31 knots you can tie with one string'

The knots are as follows:
.single hitch
.slippery hitch
.half hitch
.clove hitch
.cow hitch
. two half hitches
. buntine hitch
. granny
. slipped half hitch
. magnus hitch
. lobster buoy hitch
. midshipmens hitch
. bowline
. fishermans bond
. awning
. picket line hitch
. bow string
. double bowstring
. artillery loop